Sales and Marketing
RayzorsEdge Productions now offer  a personalized business
broadcast to play through the business' sound system, advertising
and informing your clients with the convenience of a simple
pre-recorded mix.
This is not a new idea.  Major Supermarket chains, Malls, and
Department stores have been using this for years, and it does work
for them, it can work for your business as well.
Unlike choosing a radio station that could possibly and probably
advertise your competitors, or an Internet or satellite music station
that says absolutely nothing to advertise your business, this plan
allows you to choose what you want to say to your customers, as
well as play nothing but the style, and type of music you want to
have playing in your establishment.  Being a club DJ for over 15
years in 3 different countries, and a studio DJ for over 10 years, you
can be assured that the mixes will be of good quality.
There can and will literally be hours of music played during the
course of an evening, with only the ads and information you want
repeated to your clients!
Remember, you choose the style and type of music, and you choose
the information and advertisement for your very own
establishment's Broadcast!
Business owners, and potential venture capitalist, Contact me on
Request Line for more information!