Rayzors Edge Productions begin as a mobile
Dee Jay service in the United Kingdom in 1990.
A local nightclub quickly recruited me that year
to be the Headlining Dee Jay for the rest of my
3-year tour. I was contracted to provide
entertainment three nights a week, at Toffs
Nightclub, York, U.K.: which became
incorporated and my duties expanded to being
a guest Dee Jay at other nightclubs owned by
the company.

Returning to the U.S. brought the change to
mobile Dee Jaying, Producing, Promoting, and
Engineering of local talent. Rayzors Edge has
developed into not only providing pre-recorded
music, but live music in the form of the
recruitment of local bands.

Rayzors Edge has provided entertainment for
over 17 years, for occasions such as
Weddings, Private parties, Balls, (had the honor
of providing entertainment for the
Marine’s Ball in Nov. 2006), Night Clubs,
(both Europe, and America), Charity Events,
(had the honor of providing entertainment for
March Of Dimes events in the U.S.A and in the
UK.) and from providing studio recorded mixes.

RayzorsEdge Productions has recently
mastered the ability to use Desktop
computers/Laptops instead of turntables, or CD
players to make beat matched mixes.
This is a major pioneering step in bringing the
studio to public performances.  The Future is

RayzorsEdge Productions demonstrates the
difference of being a committed DJ, versus
being someone or a company with a great
music collection and the equipment to play that
collection loudly!  
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